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Laser annealing equipment


  1. Laser light is vertically illuminated, providing consistent illumination angles across the entire field.

  2. The focal plane is not affected by scanning, resulting in increased stability.

  3. Various wavelength lasers can be selected to suit different requirements.

  4. Compatible with Top Hat beam for excellent beam uniformity.

  5. Larger beam size significantly improves WPH productivity.

  6. Improved beam uniformity for consistent processing.

  7. Post-annealing appearance shows uniform overlap, microstructure consistency, and complete stitching.

  8. Lower contact resistance.

  9. Can be equipped with a closed positive-pressure N2 chamber to control oxygen content.

  10. The equipment is upgradeable for future advancements.


  • 3rd-generation semiconductor SiC

  • IGBT

  • DSA

  • SLA


For detailed specifications, please contact KYO by phone.

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