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about kyo

Established in 2013 by Kingyoup Enterprise's (KYE) investment, Kingyoup Optronics Co., Ltd. (KYO) emerged as an independent company to be in charge of the evolving market trends, customer demands, and the growing maturity of products within the Optronics business group. With facilities in Tainan and Taoyuan, KYO’s core products encompass large-scale continuous coating equipment and wafer temporary Bonding and Laser De-Bonding equipment (Si/Si Carrier, Si/Glass Carrier) developed with IBM, primarily utilized in advanced semiconductor packaging, LED processes, and photonics applications.


Since the rise of the touch panel trend in 2006, the original KYE's Optronics technical team has been dedicated to the development of large-scale in-line sputter coating equipment, roll-to-roll coating equipment for flexible optical materials, and AR/AF Coaters. The rich experience in the application of these technologies, particularly in the touch panel industry, has allowed KYO to offer a range of Total Solutions for coatings including ITO, SiO2, Metal, Nb2Ox, and photovoltaic materials. With sales records from 3.5th to 7.5th generation displays, and the capability to cater to 10th generation substrates, KYO stands as one of the few in the country capable of accommodating multi-layer film orders. Collaborating with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), KYO has developed roll-to-roll coating equipment for high-end and flexible special materials and flexible glass. This equipment is applicable in COF processes, window film processes, graphene processes, and flexible CIGS solar cell processes.

Moreover, to offer comprehensive turn-key solutions and build end-to-end production capabilities, such as LCD color filter, COF, Backside ITO, Touch Panel, AR/AF coating, Panel Fanout, flexible solar (CIGS), HIT, OLED Lighting, etc., KYO leverages the distribution advantages of KYE has built over the past 45 years. KYO also actively expands the distribution of related equipment and major components. Partner-introduced LED or LDI exposure machines, applicable to processes like OGS, TOL, and PCB for touch panels, offer dual-sided exposure for large-sized 5.5th generation glass substrates and roll materials. This integration covers the entire process of coating, photolithography, and wet processes, significantly reducing costs for customers. Additionally, KYO’s technical service team caters to cross-border equipment relocations, upgrades, and automation integration needs. KYO’s services include relocation, modification, assembly, testing, and restart operations, aiming to provide customers with faster and more comprehensive support.

The advantages of the Laser De-Bonding equipment solutions lie in high-speed scanning, minimal stress, no damage to the wafer surface (thermal and laser), chemical and temperature resistance, and reusable glass and sapphire substrate carriers. KYO currently offers turn-key solutions for Fanout and Panel Fanout with the Laser Debonder. In addition to Laser De-Bonding, KYO also offers Mechanical De-Bonding options for customer selection.

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