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Laser processing /patterning equipment



  1. High-precision line patterning of conductive layers on transparent or metallic surfaces, whether on flat or curved surfaces.

  2. Removal of surface metal layers from substrates, including soft and brittle materials.

  3. Formation of fine or high-precision circuits, even on narrow edges.

  4. Drilling of through-holes and blind holes on non-metal or composite materials.

  5. Laser grinding of glass edges.

  6. Customizable applications to meet the specific needs of different products.


  • PCB/ITO/Metal circuit etching for various purposes.

  • Side-wiring Solution.

  • Laser drilling for semiconductor packaging.

  • Formation of patterns on light guide plate templates.

  • Drilling on ceramics and LTCC.

  • Glass pattern processing and edge grinding.

  • Solar panel scribing (including thin film solar such as perovskite).


For detailed specifications, please contact KYO by phone.

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